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Praise the Lord for a busy couple of months. As many of you know God has moved Highways and Hedges Printing Ministry to Louisiana. As I am now Pastoring WORD of LIFE Baptist Church. However the Printing Ministry is in full swing. Actually busier now than ever before. With that being said as a Pastor I have realized that sometimes when supporting Missionaries it is nice to see that the work of the Lord is being fulfilled. Also to know what the needs of the Missionary are so we can help the Missionary carry the burden in prayer. First God had given the Ministry 12 new comic book tracts that are simply out of this world good. The artist for these comic book tracts is from Russia. He is back in Russia now. Currently with the way that we (my wife and I) are producing these tracts it takes us almost a month to produce just 3,000 of these. Because we have to print, fold, collate, staple and trim each book. We are praying for a Collator Booklet Maker that will do every step except print the comic book tracts. This machine used is $1,500.00 we currently have a total of $150.00 thus far towards the purchase. Also God has given us a total of 8 languages that we are currently printing. The latest has been Tok Pisin or Pidgin language which is Papua New Guinea. We have a young man who will be translating some of these tracts into Spanish for us real soon. Thanks for your continued support and prayers.

          We have been busy for the Lord. Here is a run down of what we have been doing in the printing Ministry lately. It was a honor to be able to help in Baton Rouge LA after the flooding. Please continue to pray for those effected by the floods.

12,000 gospel tracts to Papua New Guinea Pidgin language

2,000 door hangers to California

500 door hangers Resurrection Baptist Church

100 magnetic bumper stickers Resurrection Baptist Church

3,000 (72,000 pages) comic book tracts sent many distributed to several Ministries

4,000 to a Ministry in New York

1,000 invitation tracts for Old Paths Baptist Church Meridian MS

1,000 invitation tracts First Baptist Church of Arcola Roseland LA

750 EDDM First Baptist Church of Arcola Roseland LA

1,000 tracts for the food boxes and flood victims in Baton Rouge LA

5,000 tracts for Heritage Baptist Church Picayune MS

1,000 EDDM Heritage Baptist Church Picayune MS

4,000 Faith Baptist Church Kannapolis NC

8,000 Tagalog language Philippines

1,000 tracts for Emmanuel Baptist Church

2 Banners for Emmanuel Baptist Church

2 yard signs for Emmanuel Baptist Church

10 magnetic bumper stickers Emmanuel Baptist Church

200 tracts for a Ministry in Amarillo TX

3 Banner 8’x12’ Grace Baptist Temple

1 Banner for Calvary Missionary Baptist Church





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