Welcome to Highways and Hedges Church Connect Ministry......

What is Church Connect? It's simple. Church connect connects you the Pastor with your entire congregation. (Members and visitors) Using modern technology, but don't let that word scare you. We aren't getting unbiblical with our methods. There is a great need today in our Churches to connect with members and visitors after they leave our services.

Highways and Hedges Ministry Church Connect

Highways and Hedges Ministries Church Connect

Connect with Members

Start a conversation, join their conversation, or simply tell them how proud you are of them. Send encouraging text or emails with daily devotions or just an encouraging message letting them know you are praying for them. 10 out of 10 people surveyed agreed that a message from the Church or Pastor made them feel like they were a part of a family, and not just a number.

Follow up with Guest

There are numerous ways of following up with a visitor. Not sure if I have heard of an improper way of following up (unless it doesn't happen). Just about everyone has a cell phone with them 24 hours a day. While there is nothing wrong with current methods of following up with visitors, technology has provided a new way to follow up. Texting and emails are a golden opportunity to connect. When a visitor comes to Word of Life Baptist Church we give them a visitor card to fill out. On the card it ask for their email addresses and cell numbers. On the cards there is a section that reads. If you would like to be added to the Church devotional text list, text Devotional to 704-267-1294. Then on the card you have their cell numbers and email addresses available for follow up.

Highways and Hedges Ministries Church Connect

Highways and Hedges Ministries Church Connect

Is Church Connect right for you? 

Do you have a desire to reach people today?

Do you feel there are other avenues available?

Do you want to interact with your members and visitors more?

Have you ever felt like the visitors are falling through the cracks?

Are you tired of paying $1,000's of dollars a year on newsletters and enewsletters that goes into the spam folder or file 13 (garbage can)?

Are you technology challenged?

If so Church Connect is exactly what you need!

YOUR Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Highways and Hedges Ministries Church Connect

Highways and Hedges Ministries Church Connect

How does Church Connect work?

It's simple. All you have to do is email us a list of contacts. (names, phone numbers and or email addresses) You can have as many groups as you need. For instance one list for members, one for staff, one for visitors and so on. Then when you would like to email or text a group you send one email, one text, or simply call us and we send that to your desired group. The message appears to have come from you, and it is not a group message. When the person replies, the reply will go directly to you. No one can see the reply but you and the other person.

Does that many people text?

20,000,000,000 Text messages are sent each day. Studies show more people are texting today than ever before. This is Sandy and Claire, I can't tell you their ages. Well because I am scared of them! But they aren't spring chickens anymore. However you won't find either without their cell phones, and they text just about as much as some of the spring chickens. We can reach more today using modern technology than ever before. Why? Because more people are using it today than ever before.

Highways and Hedges Ministries Church Connect

Highways and Hedges is a local church ministry of WORD of LIFE Baptist Church. Please contact me if you have ANY questions. 704-267-1294